RAW full form RAW stands for the Research and Analysis Wing

RAW stands for
RAW stands for


RAW full form: Certain acronyms are associated with intelligence agencies that are associated with power, secrecy and strategic importance. RAW is an acronym for Research and Analysis Wing. RAW was established in 1968 and has since been an integral part of India’s security apparatus. It operates in the shadows, with the sole purpose of protecting the nation’s interest through research, analysis, covert operations, etc.

Genesis and Evolution:

RAW was founded in the aftermath of both the Indochina war (1962) and the Indo Pakistan war (1965), when India realized the need for an external intelligence agency. RAW, which was officially formed on September 21st, 1968, had the task of gathering foreign intelligence, analyzing it, and coordinating its activities with other intelligence agencies around the world.

RAW has changed significantly over the years, adapting itself to changing geopolitical environments and new threats. RAW’s evolution from its earliest days of fledgling operations to its current position as a formidable agency has been a constant refinement of its methods, expansion of its network and upgrading of its capabilities.


RAW’s main mission is to provide actionable intelligence for policymakers to enable them to make informed choices about national security, foreign policies, and strategic planning. RAW has a variety of functions that it performs to fulfill its mission.

Intelligence gathering: The RAW uses a variety of methods to gather intelligence on foreign governments, organizations, and individuals who pose a danger to India’s interest.

Analysis & Assessment: This agency analyzes raw data to discern patterns, identify emerging threats and provide timely assessments to government, military and other stakeholders.

Covert Operations: The RAW is well-known for its clandestine missions conducted on foreign soil to neutralize threats and gather vital intelligence. These operations also advance India’s strategic goals. These operations are often high-risk and require precise planning and execution.

Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterintelligence: The RAW is a key player in the fight against terrorism and espionage targeted at India. It works closely with both domestic and international agencies to counter threats from all directions.

Support for Diplomacy: The RAW helps shape India’s foreign policies by offering intelligence support to diplomats and facilitating negotiations. It also provides insights into the intentions of foreign actors.

Challenges & Controversies:

RAW is not without controversy and challenges. The agency is operating in an unpredictable and volatile international environment. It has to deal with cyber threats, geopolitical rivalries, and the proliferation of nonstate actors. The agency has also been criticized for its lack of accountability and transparency due to allegations about human rights violations, extrajudicial actions and intelligence failures.


RAW is a key asset for India’s security and defense architecture. It plays a crucial role in protecting the nation’s interest in a global environment that has become increasingly complex. RAW is constantly adapting and innovating to meet the changing challenges and threats. This ensures that RAW remains at the forefront when it comes to intelligence gathering and analysis. RAW is shrouded by secrecy but its contributions to India’s national security cannot be denied.

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